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President Scott Blake
6:33 PM 08/27/2022
     Arizona Constables Association felt the tragic loss of one of our own. On August 25th 2022 in the morning, Pima County Precinct 8 Constable Deborah Martinez was killed serving an eviction in Tucson. The suspect also killed a neighbor, an apartment employee, and finally himself. Constable Martinez was appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors earlier this year. She is the first line of duty death for Arizona constables in several decades, but the second shooting incident against an Arizona Constable in less than two months. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ordered flags fly at half-staff in all state buildings Friday in honor of Constable Martinez. For more information, please visit Arizona Constable's Facebook Page

Whether it was serving in the U.S. Army or carrying out her duties as a constable, she dedicated her life to helping others and her community. After the September 11th terrorist attacks Constable Martinez enlisted and served 16 years in the military and did multiple tours in Afghanistan. After leaving the military, she volunteered at local non-profits dedicated to veterans and their families. In 2017 and 2018, she led the Tucson chapter of the PGA H.O.P.E Program bringing veterans with disabilities and golf professionals together.

I would like to close with her words. "When I deal with the people that have to evict, I understand that's my responsibility, but they're still people," she said in March, according to the Arizona Daily Star. "Just giving some basic dignity and respect can go so far in helping these people rebuild their lives."

Our sincerest condolences to her family, friends, the Pima County Constable's Office, and the other families involved in this tragic event.

Scott Blake
Arizona Constables Association


January 12th, 2022
     The Arizona Constables Association, which represents the Constables in the State of Arizona awarded Greg Sharp their Constable of the Year Award.

     Constable Sharp was appointed the Navajo County Constable of Precinct 6 in July of 2017 and was subsequently elected in 2018.

     Constables are an integral part of the Justice Court system in the State of Arizona. A Constable is an elected official who serves as the peace officer of the court. In addition to providing judicial security services, Constables are empowered to serve all cases given to them by the Justice of the Peace or other Judges. The process includes service of criminal and civil subpoenas and summonses, writs of restitution (eviction orders), writs of execution (orders to collect judgments), writs of replevin (orders to seize property), orders of protection, injunctions against harassment, and warrants as well as any other orders from the courts. Constables may also be involved in the sale of seized property, summoning jurors for trials, and posting of liquor license notices.

     Constables who are elected by voters within their judicial precincts are able to provide timely and cost efficient service by working directly with the courts in their local communities to ensure the court's orders are served with justice in an ethical and respectful manner.


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Constables have been a part of Arizona since the days of the Wild West. On our About page, the constable's rich history will take you on a journey from territorial days to present times.

Although the Ethics, Standards and Training Board is a separate entity from the Association, several association members serve on the Ethics, Standards and Training Board, which oversees the conduct of Arizona's Constables. For more information about the board, browse over to our Ethics, Standards and Training Board page.

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ACA Scholarship 2022
Paige Schenek
ACA Scholarship 2022
Sloane Tipton
ACA Scholarship 2022
Tori Fanning
Congratulations to Paige Schenek, Sloane Tipton and Tori Fanning for being the three recipients for $1000 academic scholarships. Every year, the ACA awards three scholarships to eligible students, in amounts of $1000 each.