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August 2022

ACA Conference in Flagstaff


President Scott Blake
2:18 PM 3/9/2022
The last 18 months have been rough on everyone, but Constables in the Arizona Constables Association have made the best of it. For Constables who are unable to attend our conferences we offer on-line training courses to allow our Constables to meet their statutorily required 16 training hours per year. I would like to personally thank Kim Rust, from Gila County, for creating and maintaining the online portal.

     In January, we wrapped up our 2022 Winter Conference held at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa. The conference was an outstanding success with fantastic instruction. Some of the classes taught were Stress Management for First Responders, 7 Foundational Principles of Policing, and Assessing Leadership & Learned Optimism. Thank you AZPOST, Mike Cobb, Christopher Sumner, Detective Scott Neuberger, and Luke Palmer for making this a huge success.

     During our business meeting at the Tubac Conference, we held elections to fill all executive and general board positions. I am proud to announce that we have welcomed both new and veteran Constables to the ACA board. The ACA has such a diverse board of directors. I look forward to working with each of them.

     I would like to personally thank everyone who worked on the ACA board for the last two years. Thank you for your willingness to go the extra mile. I would also like to give a huge shout out to Ron Williams for guiding the ACA as the president for the last four years. I would also like to recognize Ken Sumner, who served as the past president for four years. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to serve with Ken.

     During our election at our business meeting, Suzanne Smith was elected to Vice President. Suzanne has spent 4 years as the ACA secretary and has 14 years with CPS. Mike Stevenson remained as the treasurer and is retired from law enforcement. Melissa Wirthlin was a general board member and was elected to Secretary. Melissa retired from the Cochise County Sheriff’s office. Ron Williams moved to past president. Ron retired from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s office. General board members elected were, Doug Clark from Maricopa County. Doug has more than ten years as a Constable and owns several businesses. Lennie McCloskey was re-elected and has served on the ACA board in several different positions for many years. Lennie also is a business owner. Phyllis Romo has served on the ACA board for a very long time. In Tubac 2022 Phyllis received The President’s Award for her outstanding work with the ACA and in her precinct. Phyllis owns a restaurant in Holbrook, Arizona. Nathan Wallace was re-elected as a general board member. Nathan has also been a business owner and currently represents Maricopa County Constables as the Associate Presider. I served two years as the secretary and four years as the vice president. I stepped down as chairman of the CESTB and will remain a general board member until August 2022, when a replacement will be voted on. I am very excited and look forward to working with everyone on the ACA board and hope to continue to raise the bar for the ACA.

     I should also mention that Mohave Constable, Mike Cobb, resigned from the CESTB board in December of 2021. He faithfully served as a general board member and as the chairman of the CESTB for many years. The position that Mike represented on the CESTB was as a Constable from a county with less than one million. I am proud to announce that Michael Hoggard, from Mohave County, was elected by the membership to fill the vacated spot. Constable Hoggard is retired from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and is an AZPOST Certified Firearms Instructor.

     Constable Greg Sharp from Navajo County received the Constable of the Year award at our banquet dinner. Deputy Constable Kevin Jones received Deputy Constable of the Year and Linda Kuczynski received Clerk of the Year.

     In February of 2022, the ACA participated in the "Wickenburg Gold Rush Days" parade. The ACA is proud to support Arizona’s Wild West past and to celebrate the fact that Constables have been around since the territorial days.

     I would also like to mention that the Arizona Constables Association has a Facebook page. Please use this to post the amazing experiences or recognition that you receive.

     There will be an election to the CESTB in August of 2022. The candidate for this position will need to be from a county of more than a million. With that said, Maricopa and Pima county Constables would be eligible to fill this spot. The ACA will make this official announcement prior to the conference and the election will take place during our business meeting on Tuesday night.

     Our next training conference will be held in Flagstaff at the NAU conference center, from August 8th - August 11th 2022, please save this date, and check back later this year for more information and registration forms.

Scott Blake
Arizona Constables Association


January 12th, 2022
     The Arizona Constables Association, which represents the Constables in the State of Arizona awarded Greg Sharp their Constable of the Year Award.

     Constable Sharp was appointed the Navajo County Constable of Precinct 6 in July of 2017 and was subsequently elected in 2018.

     Constables are an integral part of the Justice Court system in the State of Arizona. A Constable is an elected official who serves as the peace officer of the court. In addition to providing judicial security services, Constables are empowered to serve all cases given to them by the Justice of the Peace or other Judges. The process includes service of criminal and civil subpoenas and summonses, writs of restitution (eviction orders), writs of execution (orders to collect judgments), writs of replevin (orders to seize property), orders of protection, injunctions against harassment, and warrants as well as any other orders from the courts. Constables may also be involved in the sale of seized property, summoning jurors for trials, and posting of liquor license notices.

     Constables who are elected by voters within their judicial precincts are able to provide timely and cost efficient service by working directly with the courts in their local communities to ensure the court's orders are served with justice in an ethical and respectful manner.


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ACA Scholarship 2022
Paige Schenek
ACA Scholarship 2022
Sloane Tipton
ACA Scholarship 2022
Tori Fanning
Congratulations to Paige Schenek, Sloane Tipton and Tori Fanning for being the three recipients for $1000 academic scholarships. Every year, the ACA awards three scholarships to eligible students, in amounts of $1000 each.